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Seminar: Thursday December 2, 1999. 7-9pm
Dick Jones: Horse, Ox, and Blocks
Marion Harris: Usurpation amid the architectural treasures of medieval London -- April 9 to June 6, 1483
Seminar: Tuesday, October 26, 1999. 7-9pm
Dinah Hazell Poverty and Plenty: Chaucer's Poor Widow and her Fabulous Cock: An evening in the enchanted world of Chauntecleer the Rooster and his nemesis, Renart the Fox. Using Chaucer's charming beast fable, The Nun's Priest's Tale, as a window on medieval culture, we will look at two important social concerns: poverty (ideal vs. real) and anti-clericalism. How are these issues related to a talking chicken? Come find out!
Seminar: Monday, September 27, 1999. 7-9pm
Prof. William Mahrt (Associate Professor of Music, Stanford University) Chapter Houses, Choir Screens, Lady Chapels and Such: Aspects of liturgical architecture illustrated with sides taken on Sarum Seminar trips, with special attention to differences between monastic and secular uses
Seminar: May 25th, 1999. 7-9pm
Reports from the field and the armchair:
(1) Dick Harte: Stone skeletons - the engineering of temples and cathedrals
(2) Bob Nyden: Medieval time
(3) Bob Nyden and all, Book review and round-table discussion: "Goings-on in Europe in the year 1300". Bring your own knowledge of that era to help flesh out a picture of what life was like - the politics, philosophy, clothing, food...
Seminar: April 13th, 1999. 7-9pm
Run-throughs for the Medieval Studies Conference in Kalamazoo:
Dick Jones: Estimating the weight of the timber scaffolding in the spire of Salisbury Cathedral
Linda Jack: Facilitating adult learning through communities of practice
Seminar: March 9th, 1999. 7-9pm
Robert A. Scott (Associate Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences): Social bases of religious experience: implications for understanding cathedrals
Seminar: February 16th, 1999. 7-9pm
Prof. George Brown (Dept. of English, Stanford University): Durham cathedral: Salisbury's opposi
Seminar: January 23rd, 1999. 7-9pm.
Singer's reunion: alumni of all the trips sing together!
(Home of Dick and Ann Jones, Los Altos Hills)
Seminar: January 26th, 1999. 7-9pm.
The Very Rev. Hugh Dickinson (Dean Emeritus of Salisbury Cathedral): Doctrine and architecture: the shaping of worship spaces


Seminar: November 10th, 1998. 7-9pm.
Alice Tinker: Change-ringing of church bells
Ann Jones: Troyes Cathedral.
Seminar: October 13th, 1998. 7-9pm.
The Rev. Richard D. McCall, Ph.D. (Dean of the Chapel and Lecturer in Liturgics, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley): Medieval liturgy: constructing church from word and act.
Seminar: Tuesday September 22, 1998
Linda Jack: Medieval Gardens
Evelyn McMillan: Everything you never wanted to know about the Black Death in 45 minutes or less.
Seminar: Monday May 18, 1998
Bill Maht: Sacred time and sacred space: the processions and the doors in the Sarum Rite.
Seminar: Tuesday April 21, 1998
Two talks resulting from the March 1998 Sarum Seminar trip to Salisbury.
John Wilkes: Salisbury cathedral - a photographic essay and
Bob Nyden: Walking the River Nadder in search of a medieval shipping route.
Seminar: Tuesday January 13, 1998
Bob Scott talked on his latest exploration: Cathedrals as memory.
Seminar: Tuesday February 10, 1998
Dick Jones: Gleanings from the accounts of Westminster abbey in 1253.
Bob Scott: The role of the dead in the world of the living in medieval times.


Seminar: November 11, 1997
Barbara Abou-El-Haj (Associate professor of Art History at Binghampton University, SUNY): Power and program in the glass of Reims cathedral
Seminar: October 14, 1997
Maureen Miller (Professor of History, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY): Power and architectural innovation: loss is gain.
Seminar: September 16, 1997
Richard McCall: Liturgy: the performance of cosmos and culture.
Seminar: May 13, 1997
Marda Buchholz: The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Salisbury: its dedication.
Dick Jones: Show and tell: pages from the actual Westminster Abbey account books.
Seminar: March 18, 1997
Dick Jones: Money, materials and labor in the building of Westminster Abbey in 1253.


Seminar: December 10, 1996
John Wilkes: The building of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.
Elaine Kriegh: Tomb monuments.
Seminar: November 12th, 1996
Professor Yoshio Kusaba: Problems of interpreting evidence in cathedral stonework.
Seminar: October 8, 1996
Jim Boyd: The Cathedral crusade - Gothic timelines.
Floyd Kessler: Your money or your life - Jews in medieval England.
Seminar: September 10th, 1996
Virginia Jansen: The social and functional uses of medieval architecture.
Seminar: August 13, 1996
Linda Jack: Sheelah na-gigs.
Bob Nyden: Was Salisbury's stone moved down the Nadder river?
Seminar: July 9, 1996
Ann Jones: Manuscript illumination.
Dan Sternberg: The science of stained glass.
Seminar: June 27, 1996
John Tillotson (an associate of David Bartlett's) gave A guided tour of restoration work on the main quadrangle at Stanford University.
Seminar: June 11, 1996
David Bartlett: Conservation issues involved in his work on the West Front of Wells Cathedral.