Meetings 1996-1999


Seminar: Thursday December 2, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Dick Jones: Horse, Ox, and Blocks

    • Marion Harris: Usurpation amid the architectural treasures of medieval London -- April 9 to June 6, 1483

Seminar: Tuesday, October 26, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Dinah Hazell Poverty and Plenty: Chaucer's Poor Widow and her Fabulous Cock: An evening in the enchanted world of Chauntecleer the Rooster and his nemesis, Renart the Fox. Using Chaucer's charming beast fable, The Nun's Priest's Tale, as a window on medieval culture, we will look at two important social concerns: poverty (ideal vs. real) and anti-clericalism. How are these issues related to a talking chicken? Come find out!

Seminar: Monday, September 27, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Prof. William Mahrt (Associate Professor of Music, Stanford University) Chapter Houses, Choir Screens, Lady Chapels and Such: Aspects of liturgical architecture illustrated with sides taken on Sarum Seminar trips, with special attention to differences between monastic and secular uses

Seminar: May 25th, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Reports from the field and the armchair:

    • (1) Dick Harte: Stone skeletons - the engineering of temples and cathedrals

    • (2) Bob Nyden: Medieval time

    • (3) Bob Nyden and all, Book review and round-table discussion: "Goings-on in Europe in the year 1300". Bring your own knowledge of that era to help flesh out a picture of what life was like - the politics, philosophy, clothing, food...

Seminar: April 13th, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Run-throughs for the Medieval Studies Conference in Kalamazoo:

    • Dick Jones: Estimating the weight of the timber scaffolding in the spire of Salisbury Cathedral

    • Linda Jack: Facilitating adult learning through communities of practice

Seminar: March 9th, 1999. 7-9pm

    • Robert A. Scott (Associate Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences): Social bases of religious experience: implications for understanding cathedrals

Seminar: February 16th, 1999. 7-9pm

Seminar: January 23rd, 1999. 7-9pm.

    • Singer's reunion: alumni of all the trips sing together!

    • (Home of Dick and Ann Jones, Los Altos Hills)

Seminar: January 26th, 1999. 7-9pm.

    • The Very Rev. Hugh Dickinson (Dean Emeritus of Salisbury Cathedral): Doctrine and architecture: the shaping of worship spaces

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Seminar: November 10th, 1998. 7-9pm.

    • Alice Tinker: Change-ringing of church bells

    • Ann Jones: Troyes Cathedral.

Seminar: October 13th, 1998. 7-9pm.

    • The Rev. Richard D. McCall, Ph.D. (Dean of the Chapel and Lecturer in Liturgics, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley): Medieval liturgy: constructing church from word and act.

Seminar: Tuesday September 22, 1998

    • Linda Jack: Medieval Gardens

    • Evelyn McMillan: Everything you never wanted to know about the Black Death in 45 minutes or less.

Seminar: Monday May 18, 1998

    • Bill Maht: Sacred time and sacred space: the processions and the doors in the Sarum Rite.

Seminar: Tuesday April 21, 1998

    • Two talks resulting from the March 1998 Sarum Seminar trip to Salisbury.

    • John Wilkes: Salisbury cathedral - a photographic essay and

    • Bob Nyden: Walking the River Nadder in search of a medieval shipping route.

Seminar: Tuesday January 13, 1998

    • Bob Scott talked on his latest exploration: Cathedrals as memory.

Seminar: Tuesday February 10, 1998


Seminar: November 11, 1997

    • Barbara Abou-El-Haj (Associate professor of Art History at Binghampton University, SUNY): Power and program in the glass of Reims cathedral

Seminar: October 14, 1997

    • Maureen Miller (Professor of History, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY): Power and architectural innovation: loss is gain.

Seminar: September 16, 1997

    • Richard McCall: Liturgy: the performance of cosmos and culture.

Seminar: May 13, 1997

Seminar: March 18, 1997

    • Dick Jones: Money, materials and labor in the building of Westminster Abbey in 1253.


Seminar: December 10, 1996

    • John Wilkes: The building of King's College Chapel, Cambridge. John presented a summary of the history of the building of King's College Chapel, Cambridge, paying particular attention to the ways in which the ups and downs of the Wars of the Roses affected the funding for the chapel.

    • Elaine Kriegh: Tomb monuments.

Seminar: November 12th, 1996

Seminar: October 8, 1996

    • Jim Boyd: The Cathedral crusade - Gothic timelines.

    • Floyd Kessler: Your money or your life - Jews in medieval England.

Seminar: September 10th, 1996

Seminar: August 13, 1996

Seminar: July 9, 1996

    • Ann Jones: Manuscript illumination.

    • Dan Sternberg: The science of stained glass.

Seminar: June 27, 1996

    • John Tillotson (an associate of David Bartlett's) gave A guided tour of restoration work on the main quadrangle at Stanford University.

Seminar: June 11, 1996

    • David Bartlett: Conservation issues involved in his work on the West Front of Wells Cathedral.