Meetings 2008

Stanford's Center for European Studies Lecture: Wednesday, October 15, 7-9pm. Location: Stanford Pigott Hall (Bldg. 260) Room 113.

    • Gary Dickson, University of Edinburgh The Children's Crusade.

Members' Night: Tuesday, December 16, 7-9pm

    • Bob Nyden: Looking for St. Denis
    • Ann Jones: Sex, Violence and Other Deadly Sins
    • Elaine & Randy Kriegh: Christmas in England

Special Seminar: Wednesday, November 19, 7-9pm

    • Location: Stanford Green Library
    • John Mustain (Librarian, Stanford) with selected materials from Stanford's Special Collections.

Seminar: Monday, October 27, 7-9pm

    • Philippe Buc (History, Stanford) on the Fall of Jerusalem to the First Crusaders, 1099.

Seminar: Thursday, September 25, 7-9pm

    • George Hardin Brown (Emeritus, English and Classics, Stanford) on Education and Scholarship of Abbesses and Nuns in Anglo-Saxon England
    • Phyllis Brown (English, Santa Clara University) on Hrotsvit von Gandersheim and the education of nuns in Germany.

Member meeting and pot luck party: June 21, 5-9 pm. Location: Mitchell home in Atherton.

    • 5:00 p.m. Member Meeting to critique this year's program and solicit your thoughts for next year (if you're not able to attend, there will be other ways to submit your program ideas).
    • 5:30 Pot Luck party!

Seminar: Sunday June 15th, 11:15 a.m. Location: Foothill Congregational Church, Los Altos (directions)

    • Sarum members are invited to Ann's presentation of her new paper, Flaring Flames and Luminous Light which she will deliver at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, England in July.

Courtauld Institute Research Forum: Saturday June 14, 9:45am-6:15m Location: The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 0RN, UK.

    • ‘In despight of the devouring flame’: The Temple Church in London.
    • For more information: flyer, web site, email. Not one of ours, but likely to be of interest to the group, nonetheless!

Medieval Matters Public lecture: Wednesday May 28, 7-9 pm Location: Stanford campus Cubberley auditorium [audio] William Chester Jordan (History Dept, Princeton): Departing for War in the Age of the Crusades

Special meeting: Thursday Apr 17, 7-9 pm. Location: Stanford Green Library Special Collections.

    • John Mustain (Stanford): our annual Medieval treasures and other delights evening.

Seminar: Tuesday Mar 11th, 7-9 pm Location: CASBS (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences), Stanford (directions).

    • Brian Catlos (History Dept, UC Santa Cruz): From Bobby Fisher and Bob Dylan to Bill Gates: Islam, Spain and the Roots of the Modern West . (Image adapted by Brian Catlos from folio 22r of Alfonso X's Book of Chess.)

Seminar: Monday Feb 11, 7-9 pm. Location: CASBS (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences), Stanford (directions

    • Graduate student talk: Patrick Geary's research team (History Dept, UCLA) presented The St. Gall Plan Digitization Project.
    • Edward is a graduate student in history at UCLA, studying the transformation of Mediterranean cities between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. He is part of the research team at UCLA and the University of Virginia that has worked over the past three years to develop the St. Gall Plan website.
    • The Plan of St. Gall is the earliest preserved and most extraordinary visualization of a building complex produced in the Middle Ages. It was created in the period 819-26 A.D., and ever since then has been preserved in the Monastic Library of St. Gall, Switzerland. The complex depicted in the Plan was never actually built, but it may have been meant to describe the ideal monastery that could be built anywhere in Europe. The team has made high-resolution photographs of both sides of the manuscript, digitized it so it is searchable by keyword, and linked it to an enormous database of texts and images illuminating the material culture of Carolingian monasticism.
    • This Sarum Seminar was the “unveiling” of the St. Gall Project to a general audience. Following Edward's presentation of the website, we had an opportunity to explore it “hands-on” and give feedback to the design team.

Singer's seminar: Saturday Jan 12, 3-9 pm. Location: Dick and Ann Jones's house.

    • 3pm Singers' Seminar & Rehearsal led by William Mahrt
    • 5 pm William Mahrt (Stanford): Illustrated lecture on Medieval Music
    • 6 pm Pot luck